"Coast To Coast" Split Tape

by Losin' It / Disapproval




released September 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Dimlight Records Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Losin' it - Y.C.F.S
All you do is run your mouth
about the way hardcore should be
but who are you to make that call?
what the fuck makes you better than me?
on and you're ranting
about the way things were
this is like anything else:
it needs space to grow and mature

i've seen your type before,
quick to put our scene down
but when the time comes to make a change,
you're nowhere to be found
the youth will have our say.
Track Name: Losin' it - Popularity Contest
I've heard your name a thousand times
but I've never seen your face before
you demand underserved respect
because you're the king of a fucking message board
feed your fucking ego
everybody knows your name
you think it's a popularity contest
and that shit's fucking lame

I don't give a fuck about your reputation
I won't buy into your fucking hype

famous for talking shit
about the bands you used to worship
now you're flooding our scene
with your trendy fucking bullshit
cocky and condescending
you act like you're the fucking boss
kids like you come and go
and I can't wait till you get lost

I don't give a fuck about your reputation
I won't buy into your fucking hype
Track Name: Losin' it - Loser
You used to care about your friends.
but now you put yourself first.
you're not the person you used to be,
you've made a change and it's for the worst
change the way you think and act,
for every friend you make.
you're not foolin' us man,
we all know you're fucking fake.

you've got a chip on your shoulder,
and it's bummin' me out.
you've lost sight of what friendship
is truly about.
Track Name: Disapproval - Detached From Birth
born alone, no place to call home, forced to roam, nowhere to go, all that i know, is this heart of stone, 20 years later here i am, cutting ties at every chance, keeping my distance as far as i can, solitude's my burden, emotion i lack, born alone, no place to call home, forced to roam, with this heart of stone, ill fend for myself with every breath, lone wolf until i am dead
Track Name: Disapproval - Dogtags
i wont fall for your trend hopping, all that camo cant hide that youre a fake. trying to be something youre not, your ever changing ways wont ever be stopped, youll be something else each passing year, not fitting in is the worst of your fears, fuck your dogtags, self confidence is what you lack, be yourself, not everyone else, you get swallowed whole by every trend, drop out already so this bullshit can end.
Track Name: Disapproval - Mentiras
the sun goes down, the streets become unsafe, you live in this city, youre just counting down thedays, until something goes wrong, you cant be carefull for to long, out from the sewers rise the rise, weak on their own, they travel in packs, spread their filth, instill their fear, are you their next vitcim? future unclear,out from the sewers rise the rats, weak on their own, they travel in packs, lock your doors, open your eyes, what you think is safe, is nothing but a lie