Florida Compilation #1 (Spring)

by Dimlight Records



Florida Compilation volume #1

(Volume #2 (summer) will be a tangible zine with a hardcopy of the music/digital download. if interested in being part of it contact thedimlight@gmail.com)


released April 1, 2012



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Dimlight Records Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Homestretch - Intercession
I stood by idly as all the light drained from my life. I watched the gurgling nothingness devour us all. The least deserving of us faltering under the weight, consumed by virulence, declining at a whirlwind pace. You left with less than what you had when you arrived. The first stone was never cast. Accusatory words were never spoken, yet there was no recanting. No concession of belief. We carry shards of your vitality along every day we suck in breath of this contaminated air. All desire to dominate the struggles left when I saw you moments after you took your final breath. In a time most apt for hatchets to be buried, I watched the feuds drag on. Pissing contests, devoid of victory. Exercises in futility. There’s nothing that you could have done. There’s nothing that I could have done. There’s nothing that we could have done.
Track Name: Weak End - Rat King
Start today and change your ways
Or the rat king will control your fate
This grace is just yours to create

And I drift away
Faster than the fall of my hopes
When you say that you don't care at all
When you say that you don't want to care at all

Spit in the face
It leaves a bitter taste
I made my last mistake
I think you're saving grace
But you're respecting me
What's respect to me?
You'll feel the pressure as you sink all the way down with me

You feel the pressure as you sink to the bottom
It never was very clear to me
You take a stab
I'll take a pass and I'll tell like it is
I tell like it needs to be.
Track Name: Grit - Seclusion
searching for something more, all alone
reaching out into the dark
I feel the racing in my heart
searching out to find inside nothing but emptiness
the mirror screams "let go of me"
as the world goes black
as I'm falling to the ground,
I know what it means to finally be free
the world goes black
Track Name: Worn Out - Follow The Method
On this journey called life, man I'm so fuckin lost.
Cast to the side to question what I've been taught.
Refusing to kneel because I know what I feel.
Built to fucking last with a mind of steel.

You can't fucking get to me.
You don't know what I believe.

Whispers say I shouldn't be here,nothing to do besides conquer this fear.
Standards are set,dreams are left.Tell you what's best so you don't forget.

Don't think for a second,follow the method.

All I see are premonitions of pain.
Endless fucking days and a loss with no gain.
So much harder to maintain when life falls apart and nothings the same.
Track Name: Cold Hearted - The Potter's Clay
darkness, all around me, i strive for the light
cant be held down
you let your demons get you
giving up everything you had

like clay to the potter
you are to your Master
your wheel of death is spinning
faster and faster

you made your choice, you broke the pact
now on you i turn my back
i refuse to lose my head
as i cling to the edge

like clay to the potter
you are to your master
your wheel of death is spinning
faster and faster
Track Name: Vices - Rat Race
I'm losing it // i'm losing what's left of my mind and I can't see straight, I can't keep track of time // I'm still smiling cause I dont want you to see the man I've become in the mirror in front of me // shifting eyes another nail in my coffin; forgive me father for I was born an unholy sin // I grew up not knowing what I wanted to be, cause I always felt I never would succeed // I've watched so many of my friends forget who they are, I've watched them die and move away, I'm permanently scarred // and I can hold onto everything that is dear to me, but some things just arent meant to be // and I find it hard to breathe with all this sand getting stuck in my teeth // so many things that I forgot to say, not like they mattered anyway; you were to busy running away // running from all your problems // and you burried me like everything else you can't handle // keep running.
Track Name: Lowpoint - Living Nightmare
Tempted by gluttony
Driven by sin
The walls of purgatory
They're closing in
I will partake
In what is rightfully mine
An existence of punishment
Damned for all time

Face your destiny
Embrace reality

Internal meltdown
Frayed at all the ends
Spineless and soulless
Nothing left to mend

Face your destiny
Embrace reality

I'll have no peace of mind
Until the flames engulf my heart
Forgiveness hard to find
Desolate from the start

The coils constrict me
The flames surround me
This is my destiny
A living nightmare
Track Name: Shit Luck - No Difference
take what you want and leave,i'm so sick, fucking leechdon't come back, i'm no slave.life without you stays the sameyou will make no fucking difference making claims you will never amend to it you live your life consumed by something that will never notice youpeople like you come and fucking go,every single one of you with nothing to show,try to amend your ways the best that you can.but nothing you say will take back what you've done
Track Name: Gorilla Pussy - Punk Fashion is an Oxymoron
Punk and fashion do not mix
the emotion what cherish so much
has taken the form of a shit beauty contest
if competition of looks is what you think its cool
you're not fooling anyone
do us a favor and remove yourself from it

If this is hardcore... I'M NOT!
Track Name: Our Kind - Rat Patrol
Shut your mouth you fucking scum
You stole my words you stupid snitch
You're a rat and we all know that you'll be caught.
You can't hide behind lies and one day soon you'll fucking die.
Punks like you make me sick I wsh that you would fucking quit

Im on a mission to erase these rats.
You run your mouth and I don't know about that
No matter how long it takes,you're gunna burn you fucking snake.
Track Name: On Our Own - Don't Leave a Paper Trail
All that I want is to watch you die. To make you fucking suffer and bring about your demise. You've wronged me in ways from which I can't recover, and for this you will writhe in agony. Every ounce of my strength is devoted to this act. These are my reflections. This is my oath. Suffer. I've become everything that I hate because of you. Your lies and excuses can't save you now. With this knife held to your vein, I look into your eyes. Filled with confusion and fear, your cold stare fades away. You took my innocence. I'm already dead.
Track Name: Losin' it - Glory Days
Watch what you say about our generation.
You used to speak for change, but now all I hear is your fucking complaining.
Your glory days are bullshit, don't waste our fucking time.
You threw in the towel years ago, but we're still busting our asses
to keep this shit alive.
Track Name: Feral Babies - Feral Babies / Violent Boredom
Feral Babies
"We've got no mommies and we've got no dads. The doctors say the prognosis is bad. We cant relate, cant communicate and this condition is a perpetual state. Were Feral Babies"

Violent Boredom
"Im always running in circles, theres no finish line. Im always staring at the clock like Im runnin gout of time. Violent Boredom, I cant settle down. Someones always breathing down my back. Theres nowhere for me to hide. I just cant seem to lose me no matter how hard I try. Violent Boredom, I cant settle down. I just cant settle down."
Track Name: Captive Bolt - Fight to Exist
You can't keep going and blaming it on the rain
Nothing will happen if you don't make it change.
"my parents say it's not normal, my doctor says it's unhealthy."
Well fuck them all and let them pay for the lies they tried to sell to us.
They swallowed the pill and asked for more. X2
The only faith I have is in death and the fear it brings.
If a hot knife was pressed to your throat would you push to the unknown?
All living creatures want to live and they fight to exist.
You might not be cutting the throat but you happily pay them to.
Track Name: Super Mutant - Slaughter of the Fittest
Take the best of the best. Kill off the rest. If the shoe was on the other foot you'd be repressed. Make so fucking little out of another beings life just so you can cut it and slice it with a knife. Smooth talk away to make it okay. Muscles grow as their brains decay. Select the best, toss the worst. Doesn't matter what lives and dies. Slaughter of the fittest here, gotta keep up supply. You're born to breed. You're bred to die. The course of nature has nothing to say. Don't worry humans have found a better way.
Track Name: Centuries - III
Her body lays under the sun. The wolves gave up and the vulture moved in to rob, to use, to kill. But her body is numb from the warmth of the sun. "This life was never meant to be." Every word she has ever spoken haunts me. And I watch as she's dying slowly. Cold and numb, she lays watching the sun set.
Track Name: Brain Bust - Corporate Disease
Bled out, but only for a moment when you opened up your mouth. Rotting teeth, injecting dirty needles and selling your body on the street. If the world were a man, I'd have my hands wrapped around his throat. Leech, slug, corporations growing bigger, family business takes the plunge. Human, scum, people never change so it's time to move on. Corporate disease surrounds me.
Track Name: Life Moves - Folding
Smile, with your teeth kicked in, expired, the old best thing. Give up
On everything that ever mattered to you. Treat it all like it's falling apart. Make the most of everything. Because at some point it will all slips through your hands. It will all slip.
Getting off your high horse, jumping off of buildings, holding hands. Sometimes it gets to the point where there's no difference. There's no difference. There's never been
Track Name: Direct Effect - Don't Lose Sight
Sorry you’re lonely
You couldn't ask for more space
Really thought I saw a change in you
Without hiding the guilt, poison the place where you live
Where’s the respect set aside for friendship?

Realize, your foundation's crumbling
Realize, you've been ostracized

With your good intentions through the roof
You've forgot everything about the rules
I have no business to tell you what to do
But you've replaced the crew with simply you

Just bite the bullet
Come fucking clean

Massively inconsiderate
Like mixing soap with my spirits
I hope you never forget
Don't lose sight
Track Name: Truth Inside - Abstain
Walking through this world with my back turned
To the peers and pressures that society’s burned
Into each others minds, It’s really taking its toll
I choose to be different I choose to break the mold
Break free
I choose to abstain only for myself
Not for you or anybody else
It’s time to open up your eyes and see
The grip that this world has made
it’s time to break free
This is for myself you can like it or not
I’m not here to judge so put that into thought
The weight of this world so heavy it seems
But I choose to carry, I choose to break free
Straight edge for myself